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Our Clients

We know that we cannot be all things to all people, nor do we want or expect to be. We focus on a precise FIT process that allows us to serve those clients for whom we are most suited. Our Ideal Clients are primarily successful families, business owners, and professionals, many of whom are striving to secure investment legacies and ensure income strategies that will enable a comfortable, active retirement or achieve a work-optional lifestyle. Meet our clients and see the impact working with us can have.

New to Cape Cod

Meet John and Maureen. Each year they spent their summer vacations on Nauset Beach with their children. Now retired with adult children starting families of their own, John and Maureen took the plunge and fulfilled a lifelong dream of living permanently on Cape Cod. Moving was exciting for them, but it had new challenges as well. They were trying to adjust to changes in their finances when life already felt unfamiliar and unsteady. In Connecticut, they knew the people and businesses they could trust with the essential things in life, and now in many ways, they were starting over.

John and Maureen came to us looking for a financial advisor they could trust to help them get their finances in order and begin to feel at home once again. With our office right here in the Mid Cape, we help folks like John and Maureen get answers to their questions and meet the financial challenges they face as they relocate.

Let us help you get adjusted to life on Cape Cod. Reach out to set up a consultation appointment. We can talk you through how we help clients just like you meet their most important financial goals. We are well-established with a network of trustworthy professionals; we can help you connect with the best professionals in our area. Whether you need an estate planning attorney to update your wills and trusts or an electrician or painter to take care of home repairs, we’ve got quality contacts for you. You won't always be the new kid on the block, so why not feel at home right away? Soon you will be the one recommending the area's best.

Thinking About Retirement

Meet Jack and Linda. Both have enjoyed busy careers while working hard to raise and provide for their children. With the children now grown and off on their own, Jack and Linda found themselves staring at a future they knew was coming but didn't think would arrive so fast.

With his 65th birthday less than one year away, Jack wanted to retire but didn't know how he would do it. Every time he thought about it, he got a pit in his stomach. "I should have saved more when I could." "Why did I cash in that old IRA to buy the boat? It seemed like a good idea at the time." Linda was afraid that their money would run out before they died, or they wouldn't have anything of substance to leave the kids. She wondered if they should just keep working as long as they could. Both felt confused when they talked about money, knowing they needed help.

Jack and Linda were nervous and apprehensive when they came to see us. But they had done a great job overall with their finances, they would be paid off their mortgage in a few years, and they had consistently set aside money in their 401(k)s. Their retirement nest egg was large enough to provide a decent monthly income, and when added to Social Security, should have been enough for them to live comfortably. They just needed someone to let them know they were going to be all right. All Jack and Linda needed was a plan - a realistic plan along with someone who would help them manage and monitor it for success. That's what we did for them, and it's what we can do for you, too. As you approach retirement, you don't need to panic. No matter when you start planning for retirement, no matter when you start, it always leads to a better retirement.

Business Owners

Meet Ellen and Robin. Their business began with a dream. It took many long hours, sleepless nights, and countless other sacrifices to turn that dream into a reality. Having spent their early years working hard to build the business, they were ready to enjoy their next phase by setting new priorities with the goal of increasing their flexibility and availability. Ellen and Robin hoped we would relate to their perspective as we talked about their specific needs and considerations as fellow business owners. Due to the demands of running the business, it was no surprise that one of her most precious commodities was time. Unfortunately, Ellen and Robin’s lack of time had resulted in neglecting many issues related to their business and personal finances.

Understanding their challenges and how they felt, we could assist them in developing a plan to achieve their long-term financial objectives. Ellen and Robin also expressed a desire to exit their business by selling eventually or transferring ownership to a family member or if one of them passed away expectantly. Insurance can play a crucial role in transferring ownership at death. Selling or transferring ownership while living can be a much more complicated process.

Exit planning requires knowledge and experience with a wide range of factors, including valuation of the business, effects of the sale on employee benefits, and, of course, taxes. By connecting Ellen and Robin with experts in each facet of the transaction, we developed a strategy that led to positive outcomes across all aspects of their business transfer.

If you are a business owner facing similar challenges, please reach out to our office to set up a consultation appointment. We can talk through what you’re trying to accomplish and how we help business owners like you meet your financial goals.

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